Utah VHF Society has an Update for Us!

Hi Everyone,

per the heading, the VHF society has an update for us, check out this link. It has to do with frequency coordination. Here is the starting paragraph-

ARRL is no longer accepting data for its Repeater Directory directly from state Frequency Coordinators but instead from the publishers of “RF Finder,” an application that is popularly used on “smart phones.” This is apparently due to some sort of agreement between the ARRL and “RF Finder.”

There is now a working agreement between the Utah Frequency Coordinator and RF Finder in which it is possible to make changes to the database. Because this update method is entirely manual (i.e. it is done online via forms and tables) it will take some time to go through the relevant Utah data and make the necessary corrections and updates. In the future, unless a means by which data may be synchronized is devised, updates to RF Finder data (and therefore also to the ARRL Repeater Directory) may lag behind those on the Utah VHF Society page.

Please note that the Utah VHF Society is responsible only for data related to Utah repeaters and that it will be up to other entities to keep their portions of the database current.

Ok, thanks for all you do everyone.

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