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What is HARC?

Welcome to the Herriman Amateur Radio Club (HARC, N7HRC) in Herriman, Utah, USA.

The Herriman Amateur Radio Club welcomes amateur radio operators as well as communication, electronics, hardware, and software enthusiasts. We welcome people all over Utah to join our club. HARC conducts training sessions for people who want to obtain their amateur (ham) radio license, and it participates in semi-annual emergency-preparedness drills. Members also support "Field Day" operations scheduled annually for the last full weekend in June. Field Day lets hams operate under field conditions and hams aim to make as many US and Canada radio contacts as they can. Club members and friends also participate in other contests and offer communications for non-profit community events such as Ft. Herriman Days, marathons, and charity walks.

Club meetings take place in Herriman on the Second Saturday of each Month. Check the Calendar for times and locations. We are currently scheduled to hold meetings at the Unified Fire Station #123 Rosecrest, located at 4850 Patriot Ridge Drive. We welcome hams and non-hams as well as nonmembers interested in communications and electronics. We have an informal help and technical Q&A session at 9:00 AM local time and a formal meeting afterward at 10:00 AM. Meetings usually end by 11:30 AM.

The Herriman Amateur Radio Club operates a repeater, N7HRC, at 446.250MHz, with a tone of 100.0Hz, and a standard negative offset. A net takes place every Sunday evening on this repeater at 21:00 US Mountain Time (9:00PM). However, on the first Sunday of the month we operate the net on Simplex. The frequency is 146.460. We welcome net check-ins from members, newcomers, and visitors.

If you have suggestions or feedback, please contact us.

Herriman covers Grid Squares DN30xl and DN30xm (and some areas outside) and the town center exists at 50.52° N and 112.03° W. Most club members live in Salt Lake County, Utah.


Second Saturday of each Month

9 AM ELMER Session

10 AM Regular Meeting

4850 W. Patriot Ridge Dr.(14620 S.)

Herriman, UT 84096

Where We Meet

K7LDN-Gabriel Floyd

Vice President
N7PRJ-Patrick Ricks

N1YTE - Kurtis Constantine

KI7PRH-Elizabeth Armstrong

HARC Officers
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