This is a Drill!

All members of the Herriman Amateur Radio Club are invited to come bye and participate or just make a visit at our Heriman/Riverton participation location behind the LDS Church at 4000 West 12600 South in Riverton between 10: AM and 2:00 PM.  

If you want to participate in the whole exercise and receive AUXCOM credit and be checked off on that AUXCOM Exercise form, bring your go-kit.  Otherwise you can just drop bye.  Bring your whole family if you would like, just to see what is being done for emergency comm.

Many club members will be participating and there will be many locations in the Salt Lake Valley set up and participating.

Frequencies being used :  146.700 repeater,  144990 D-Star repeater.  144.050 simplex and 144.950 Simplex.  Digital for the last two frequencies on a -2 node.

We will also be using Win-Link on the HF Bands...probably on the 20 meter win-link allocated action of the band...check your 20 meter band plan for the allocated frequencies.

Information material will be available for hand out.  Please wear a mask.

Talk-in frequency will be 146.460...the regular HARC back-up frequency.Questions and answers on that Frequency. -- Gregg McArthur

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